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  • Steven Mallon - For City COuncillor in Barrie - Ward 7
    I am delighted to have this opportunity to seek election as Ward 7 City Councillor.

    I have been looking forward to this opportunity for a long time now. As a City Councillor, I will have the opportunity to share my vision for the City of Barrie and work together with this incredible community to make all of our dreams and ideas for improvement become a reality.

    I believe Ward 7 needs a leader capable of increasing its profile and visibility in our city. With a strong voice our community will see increased resource allocation, social programs, and overall quality of life for all of our families. Rest assured, Steven Mallon will provide a progressive and commanding voice at City Council ensuring Ward 7’s prosperity in the City of Barrie.

    Our team is very interested in your thoughts, ideas, and feedback. We maintain an “open door” policy with our operations and welcome your valuable input and suggestions on all issues affecting you and our community. Collectively, we can achieve great feats of improvement and recognize our vision of Ward 7 as a reality.
  • Re-Elect: Alex Nuttall, Councillor Ward 10, 2010
    On this site you can access information regarding the achievements of the past four years, Alex’s vision for 2010 through 2014, updated information on Alex’s weekly and monthly priorities, and how to contact Alex. If you have any questions, opinions, concerns, or would like a lawn sign, please do not hesitate to contact Alex at anytime. Alex can be contacted through the Alex Nuttall Action Line and by email.

    “It has been an honor to serve Ward 10 through the last four years. There have been many challenges and many achievements. Fighting tax increases, improving quality of life, providing safer streets for pedestrians and automobiles alike, and advancing by-laws that lower costs for small businesses, are just a few of the initiatives that I have been involved in. I believe in listening to residents and fighting on your behalf. I look forward to representing you through the end of this term, and humbly ask for your support to continue taking our challenges and concerns to City Hall.”
  • Jeffrey Waye - Green Vote - Ward 7
    My name is Jeffrey Waye and I am running for election for Ward 7.

    The singular, most troubling issue that I have is our government’s lack of commitment to the environment. I find it unacceptable that we mismanage our green spaces. Arguably, our city planning department follows a policy of “obedience” to industry. For too long there has been a generalized disregard! Just look at our language: we talk about “empty land” – which we know is far from empty and in fact teem with non-human life.

    I have great concern for the future of our fields, forests, marshes and farmlands. All of these are threatened in Barrie’s plan for growth. But, we don’t have to continue down this road. We need larger vision and we need leaders with enough backbone to say “NO” to developers and to the short-term interests that threaten the balance of nature. It is a cost that we do not have the right to impose upon our children!

    As Abraham Lincoln said, “You cannot escape the responsibility of tomorrow by evading it today.” What will the future of Barrie be like 20 years from now if we do not act? As counsellor I will be a voice for long-term sustainability. I will resist destructive developments.

    If you are concerned for our fragile environment, I urge you to vote for Jeffrey Waye, Ward 7.
  • Dave Hardwick - Ward 9
    Vote Dave Hardwick for Barrie City Council 2010
  • Re-elect John Brassard Ward 7
    It's truly been an honour to serve residents and businesses or Ward 7 during this term of Council.

    The theme of my campaign is "Working for you and your family in Ward 7". My goal when elected in 2006, was to be attentive to the needs of the Ward, bring more City services to the Ward, and be a sensible voice on Council looking after your interests. I hope that you agree that I have done that and more.