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  • Dave Hardwick - Ward 9
    Vote Dave Hardwick for Barrie City Council 2010
  • Paolo Fabrizio for Barrie City Council Ward 9, 2010
    I believe that your taxes should be spent on needed repairs that you and your neighbours need, first, and theatres, second. I want to do what you say, for what you need, and not some well-organized, special interest group wants. Do you agree with me? Then be sure to give me your support on October 25. You may as well participate, as you already paid for this election!
  • Kevin Richards for WARD 1
    My pledge & promise to you is that you will matter to me and I will represent you and your issues at City Hall. I believe that when I take a stand and a position on any issue that it will be with honesty and integrity as the foundation of any of my platforms. Council decisions require majority support so I will not personally promise anything that is dependent on other council members, but I will promise your voice will be heard. I also promise to do as much research as possible into every issue and promise that I make.
  • Kieffer Norton, Ward 1
    Ward 1
  • Re-elect Rod Jackson, Barrie Ward 3
    A Message from Rod
    Never before has the time been better work together to shape where our city should be headed. You can help me continue to create jobs, manage taxes and make our streets safer by managing our city better!

    Working together with you to get results and build a better community we will:

    •Make safer streets by engaging citizens to be more active using successful models of community building from around the world.
    •Bring better paying jobs to our city by helping our current professional sectors grow. Right now in Barrie 75% of our population is employed by small business...much of that is NON -retail. Lets help them grow!
    •Responsible growth is important. The next ten years in Barrie's development will be critical. It is essential our growth is controlled to avoid mistakes of the past.
    I won't stop following through, thats my commitment to you

    Your Neighbour,

    Rodney Jackson
    Councillor Ward Three