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  • Dave Hardwick - Ward 9
    Vote Dave Hardwick for Barrie City Council 2010
  • Jeff Lehman
    I’m running for Mayor of Barrie because Barrie needs change. It’s time for a Mayor that can pull our community together. I believe there is an historic…
  • Jeffrey Waye - Green Vote - Ward 7
    My name is Jeffrey Waye and I am running for election for Ward 7.

    The singular, most troubling issue that I have is our government’s lack of commitment to the environment. I find it unacceptable that we mismanage our green spaces. Arguably, our city planning department follows a policy of “obedience” to industry. For too long there has been a generalized disregard! Just look at our language: we talk about “empty land” – which we know is far from empty and in fact teem with non-human life.

    I have great concern for the future of our fields, forests, marshes and farmlands. All of these are threatened in Barrie’s plan for growth. But, we don’t have to continue down this road. We need larger vision and we need leaders with enough backbone to say “NO” to developers and to the short-term interests that threaten the balance of nature. It is a cost that we do not have the right to impose upon our children!

    As Abraham Lincoln said, “You cannot escape the responsibility of tomorrow by evading it today.” What will the future of Barrie be like 20 years from now if we do not act? As counsellor I will be a voice for long-term sustainability. I will resist destructive developments.

    If you are concerned for our fragile environment, I urge you to vote for Jeffrey Waye, Ward 7.
  • Harry Irtaza Ahmed
    My name is Harry and I am running for the mayor in the great city of Barrie. As an average citizen of Barrie, I see what needs work, and I see what works. I have a normal job and come home to raise and support my family. I think the problem with politics here and everywhere else, is that there is too many politicians involved and not enough people. In my campaign and hopefully through my term, I wish to only represent the people of Barrie. I wish to hear what it is you would like to see done in your city.

    Once elected I will be working on the following immediate goals.

    Tax breaks for businesses - More businesses in Barrie will help us cut our Residential taxes.
    Promoting new development and construction while saving community and green spaces
    Re-vamp transit services to accommodate people and city needs
    Special programs to assist victims of domestic violence
  • Andrew Prince for Ward 9
    (705) 796-VOTE (8683)